Security Engineering & Architecture

Security Engineering & Architecture

While we have a lot of experience breaking things, we also love to build things. We believe that security is just a part of good engineering. We love working with engineering teams from the ground up to help build awesome, resilient products.

Security Automation

If you’re not automating everything you can, you’re falling behind. Let us help you identify and automate the toil so your engineers are better utilized where you need them.

Software Hardening

We will evaluate your development and build processes, dependencies, and code base for vulnerable patterns, and recommend practical steps to reduce the attack surface or increase attacker cost.

Architecture Advisory

Addressing architectural issues after code has been written is expensive. We will work with your team to identify architectural weaknesses and viable mitigations during design.

Vulnerability Mitigation

We don’t just find software flaws, we can also fix them for you. We will work with your engineers to integrate into their development process to file PRs or push fixes for vulnerabilities.