Security Analysis

Adversarial Analysis

How will an adversary view your architecture, product, or platform? What are the most likely avenues they’ll take to achieve their goals? How costly will it be for them to attack you or your customers? We will help you answer these questions. Contact us to get started!

Vulnerability Research

Our proven vulnerability research process combines manual audit, fuzzing, and custom analysis tools to uncover critical flaws in target products - whether your own, or a critical 3rd party. You will receive descriptions of each flaw, along with our assessment of severity, our recommendation for addressing, and proof-of-concept exploits for reproduction where applicable.

Penetration Testing

The term Penetration testing has come to describe several completely disparate activities. From highly skilled professionals examining a target for exploitable flaws and proving their existence and severity by exploitation, to packaged results from automated tools that scan for patterns that might indicate an issue. While we’ve considered adopting a more trendy name to differentiate our approach from the competition, we decided to let our work speak for itself. Let us hack your product or service and see how we put the penetration in pen testing.

Red Teaming

Level up your blue team, and assess your risk of high value asset compromise due to targeted attack from a team of skilled attackers.

Code Audit

With decades of experience, we’ve audited millions of lines of code. Our hybrid approach combines manual analysis with state of the art program analysis tools to uncover security relevant flaws in your code. Contact us to get started!

Architecture Review

Implementation flaws can usually be addressed with a patch, where logical and architectural flaws often require redesign. We will review your software architecture, building a threat model to document viable threats and currently applied mitigations while recommending actionable mitigations to address remaining gaps. Contact us to get started!