Blackwing Intelligence


Blackjacking - Owning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

Jesse D’Aguanno

In this presentation, Jesse D’Aguanno demonstrated utilizing the trust relationship between the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) infrastructure and the BB handhelds to bypass perimeter controls and compromise an internal corporate network.

Mach Shellcodes and Injectable OS X Rootkits

Jesse D’Aguanno

This presentation demonstrates utilizing the mach interfaces in the OS X kernel to manipulate the kernel from user space (i.e. Shellcode) to manipulate kernel structures. Example shellcodes are included.

IRK: Crafting OS X Kernel Rootkits

Jesse D’Aguanno

Apple’s OS X operating system has been gaining in popularity. This presentation details how to manipulate the OS X kernel in order to successfully hide an attackers activities and maintain access.

NFC Hacking: The Easy Way

Eddie Lee

Blackwing’s Eddie Lee presents NFCProxy - A proof of concept tool that can be used to demonstrate insecurities in near field communication (NFC) and contactless credit cards. The tool can also be useful in NFC protocol analysis for further NFC security research. Tool and source available at: