About Blackwing Intelligence


Blackwing Intelligence is a boutique firm specializing in cutting edge information security research and services. Our team is made up of security industry veterans with decades of experience in security engineering and offensive research.

Our team deliberately remains small (not easy with the current demand for skilled cyber security practitioners) so we can focus on our first principle: delivering impeccable technical skill and professionalism to our customers, instead of diluting our product to support arbitrary growth.

This approach also allows us to choose who we work with to ensure we’re the best fit.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. If we’re not a good fit for your project we’ll be happy to help you find someone who is.


Established in 2005 in Northern California, originally under the name Praetorian Global, Blackwing Intelligence was formed to provide a higher level of security consulting in a world dominated by cheap, compliance driven service offerings.

Our senior technical team first came together to compete in the world renowned DEF CON capture-the-flag competition, taking the first place title - twice!

Now headquartered in New York, Blackwing Intelligence continues to provide the highest quality cyber security services to clientele across the globe.


We deliver premium services to discerning customers.

While the majority of our customers are in the technology and finance industries, we love working with technically inclined teams in any field who are looking to do more than check the compliance box.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients who look to us as trusted advisors, relying on us to help them navigate through the risks of doing business in the 21st century.


This is our passion – we’re hackers – we dream in code and live to find new ways to break things. Every member of our talented team brings a unique blend of deep knowledge and real world experience that sets us apart from the masses. We live to find elegant solutions to exotic problems.


We have decades of experience in offensive cyber security research.

Instead of burdening your security team by delivering impossible to navigate reports full of false positive results, our deliverables are actionable. Our security analyses demonstrate actual risk to your organization from identified issues by including proof of exploitability, and our engineering and research services provide tangible results.

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Our work has been featured by the press worldwide in Wired Magazine, The Associated Press, BBC, Forbes and many other top media outlets.


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